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Born in Rome in 1986, Edgar Iacolenna began his career path with humanistic and musical studies.
With over a decade of experience in the film and audiovisual industry as a production sound mixer and boom operator, he has worked on  various film and television productions in both Switzerland and Italy.
Edgar has also made recordings of solo concerts, chamber, choral and symphonic music, as well as jazz ensembles and theater shows, handling audio post-production too.
He currently collaborates as a sound instructor with “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia”(National Film School) in the Region of Abruzzo (Italy) and with CISA in Locarno (Switzerland).
In 2016 he edited and wrote the preface for the Italian edition of “The Location Sound Bible” by Ric Viers, for Dino Audino Editors, which has been published into two volumes with the title “Registrare il suono per Cinema e Tv”.

In 2022 he published the book titled "Production Sound Mixer: notes&thoughts" that presents the figure of the production sound mixer through seven interviews with seven internationally renowned sound engineers (several Academy Awards) from different countries.

He has been living in Lugano (Switzerland) since 2015.

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